About Reddyflix

Reddyflix is dedicated to providing our members with the information, the tools, and the support they need to take control of their health. We focus on using everyday resources such as dietary modification and physical activity to manage or improve the way you feel. We specialize in creating content that will prevent, manage, and improve your lifestyle. Whether you are concerned about your risk for heart disease or are experiencing symptoms anxiety, we offer effective advice to completely evaluate your health and your risk factors to develop a personalized treatment plan.

At Reddyflix, we incorporates holistic health and lifestyle. You can reach our Sugar Land office by phone at (281) 617-2203 for more information about our services.


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Dr. Kota Reddy is a prominent cardiologist based in Sugar Land, TX.
He completed his internship and performed his residency in Internal Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.
He was a research assistant in cardiology at the Stanford University in California.
Dr. Reddy received his Cardiology and Interventional Fellowship at Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston. There he was honored to be Chief Interventional Fellow.
Dr. Reddy is board certified in cardiology and is fully trained in Coronary and Peripheral Interventions. He has been in practice since 1997.
His passion is on prevention and reversal of diseases. At present, Dr. Reddy specializes in the prevention and reversal of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. He teaches his patients to live by one rule: 'Treat your food like medication and learn how to use your grocery store as your pharmacy.'
Dr. Reddy believes that 'food is thy medicine' and has developed a low-carb bread, called the Reddy Bread, that is tested and proven not to raise blood sugar level. He also has a lifetime wellness plan outlined in his book 'Eat This, Lose That.'